Out of the flat !

Innovation Scanning Services 

More than just Surfaces

Are you a manufacturer with a unique material and technology at hand, tempted to explore its essence to lead your business to new horizons? 

We provide: 
- Innovation Scanning Services 

Product Design Services

Go Home, and go big! 

Whether you are developing a new product for the next season or exploring your material potentials in furniture, lighting and home accessories, we're here to help! 

We provide: 
- Product Design Services 

Interior Design & Customised Furniture Services

We do the Homework for you! 

The space of a home, restaurant or shop is an extension of an individual's body. Planning a space is equivalent to dressing oneself up. What kind of spatial design and furniture selection keeps you warm, empowers your soul, and makes you feel at ease, like clothing does? 

We provide: 
- Interior Design Service 
- Customised Furniture Services

  • Innovation Scanning

    Conducting design research on materials and providing application consultations. 

  • Product Design 

    Designing and developing furniture, lamps and home accessories. 

  • Interior Design 

    Designing and implementing residential and retail spaces. 

  • Customised Furniture 

    Customising furniture, lighting and showcase systems.